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Elita Burji offers complex construction works. Our services include a complete package of construction, starting with the design works completed by the project implementation. Elita Burji's highly qualified team will help you to plan in detail and implement a complete cycle of project construction.

The company produces construction of various purpose projects, such as infrastructural, Multifunctional, hotel, residential or sports facilities. The company's multi-year successful activities in this sphere resulted in the high quality and qualification of Elita Burji in the direction of construction works.


Facade systems are an important part of modern architecture. Elita Burji is the leading company in this field and is distinguished by its high-quality performance. The main activity of the company is glassing and garnishing works of Building-structures, exterior and interior. We offer you façade system works based on the customers will and project: Aluminum facade systems, aluminum doors and windows, ventilated facade systems.


Our partners are the world's leading companies in facade systems REYNAERS ALUMINUM and SCHUKO.


Elita Burji is the leading company in the field of Steel Structures and the implementation of infrastructure works on the Georgian market. Successful performance of the company in this field and successful implementation of important infrastructure works for the country led to Elita Burji's leading position as in design and installation of steel structures, as well as in terms of performance of infrastructure works.

Using modern technologies, we offer you, design of steel structures of any complexity, supply, installation, railway, motor and pedestrian bridges, reinforced concrete constructions.


Elita Burji produces interior furnishing materials of various design and furniture of natural wood and MDF. Our unique equipment and highly qualified specialists give us the opportunity to create furniture for any design office, hotel, restaurant or other serial order furniture and wooden ware. Our high standard dye-house ensures high quality painting of wood and MDF.


Elita Burji offers you the design service for different types of buildings. According to customer's wish, our offer includes the following works:

  • composing expenditure documentation for design of the buildings constructed from metal structures
  • composing expenditure documentation for design of the buildings constructed from reinforced concrete
  • composing KMD documents from KM drawings developed for metal constructions