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Elita Burji team is staffed with highly qualified personnel. We are focused on adding professional and experienced members to our team, because the team is the company's most important asset and driving force. Our staff is constantly acquainting with the existing innovations in the construction industry, are trained systematically, actively participate in various educational programs and seminars both in Georgia and abroad.


The company operates an innovative internship program, which is a unique opportunity to start a career and acquire theoretical and practical knowledge for graduate and vocational students, in the profession. After successful completion of the internship program loaded with the latest theoretical and practical knowledge, the participants of the program are able to join the Elita Burji team as a full-time employee, get new experience and develop.


We, all together create a healthy working environment, we are working together to achieve the set goals. Cooperation, transparent relations culture, mutual respect and sharing of knowledge are decisive for us. Our strong team, which is constantly developing and growing, is the main determining factor for Elita Burji's success and rephutation.

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